Polished Plaster & Marmorino

Marmorino is a plaster or stucco decoration used on walls. It was used as far back as Roman times, but was made popular once more during the Renaissance 500 years ago in Venice.


It is made from crushed marble and lime putty, which can be tinted to give a wide range of colours. This can then be applied to make many textures, from polished marble to natural stone effects. Widely used in Italy, its appeal has spread through North America especially, but now worldwide. Because of the hours of workmanship, the pricing places it in the high-end market. However, many examples can be seen in public buildings, bars, restaurants, etc.


Its waterproofing and antibacterial qualities as well as visual effects have also made it very desirable for luxury bathrooms and other wet areas. Not confined to interior use, it can be seen on the exterior of many buildings to great effect.


Coristil is a marble finish suitable for internal or external use, which can be trowelled to a satin or high sheen finish. Coristil is produced form mature lime putty, selected marble powders, special fibres and additives, which make the product extremely adhesive. The fibres incorporated in the formulation create the optimum reinforced structure to provide resistance to abrasion, durability and an extended life expectancy even under extreme conditions. Coristil is vapour permeable and resistant to condensation. Due to its permanence and aesthetic effect Coristil is suitable for use in restoration and refurbishment, satisfying the requirement for natural products in restoration as well as in new construction where its versatility can be fully exploited to produce a fine wall covering with a valuable aesthetic appearance, with a smooth, clouded and semi-polished appearance according to the degree of finishing. 

A ready mixed shiny lime plaster designed for interior substrates to create a smooth and luminous appearance and rich in colour with no restriction upon the aesthetic effect, as this is resultant from the creativity of the designer and flair of the applicator.. It is a pure mineral consisting of lime putty with a careful selection of natural additives which are matured over an extended period and coloured by the addition of natural pigments.
Marmolux is a traditional natural marble finish applied since the 16th and 17th centuries in venetian palaces. The material is produced using mature lime putty and is blended with carefully selected powdered marble and vegetable extracts. The smooth polished finish of Marmolux creates an aesthetic appearance to replicate marble stone and its frost resistance makes it suitable for both internal and external use. The porous structure of  Marmolux ensures that the product is vapour-permeable and is therefore wholly suited to use both in restoration as well as new construction. The surface has a smooth, shiny and marble-like appearance of high aesthetic quality.



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