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Pointing is the term given to the ‘finish’ between the bricks or stone .  Depending on the age of the building, the mortar used to lay the stone or brick will either be made from lime, or more recently, cement.  Incorrect pointing  causes irreparable damage to older buildings.  It is essential to understand what the mortar joints actually do for the fabric of the house. 
The function of the mortar in the wall is to act as a bedding between stones and varies from fine joints in ashlar stonework to larger joints in rubble masonry walls. Joints are effectively reduced in size by inserting small stones and ‘snecked’ pieces of stone. Whilst acting as a bedding the mortar must also perform other functions:
Prevent water penetration through the joints by its physical presence almost like a masonry‘ sponge’, yet it must allow the wall to breathe and drain, porosity being a key factor in the choice of a repointing mortar.
These pages will show you what to do, and what to look for when you are considering problems with the pointing of your home..

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Spalling brickwork due to cement pointing

Deterioration of stone & brickwork

Deterioration of stone or brickwork & pointing

As with all elements of a traditional building, stone or brickwork will deteriorate and decay if not properly maintained. Such deterioration can be caused by a number of factors and can take various forms. The main signs that stonework is suffering are:


• Surface growth and staining

• Efflorescence (white powdery residue building up on the wall face)

• Soft, loose or crumbling mortar

• Spalling (deterioration of the surface of bricks/stones)

• Loose bricks/stones becoming dislodged

• Cracks appearing through the bricks or mortar


If a brick structure begins to exhibit any of these signs it is important to identify the cause.


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  • Mortar matching service
  • masonry cleaning & paint removal
  • lime pointing 
  • Repair of spalling / damaged masonry
  • Crack repair
  • Consolidation grouting repair


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