UNILIT 30 (TD 13 S)





UNILIT 30 is a dry premixed mineral stabilising mortar based on hydraulic, naturally pure and selected lime. The product performs perfectly where rising damp / capillary action is prevalent.  UNILIT 30 is characterised by a high plasticity, slow but strong bonding and a low salt content.




UNILIT 30 mortar is impermeable to water but very vapour permeable and is very well suited to the UNILIT system as either an undercoat or as finishing layer. 

This mortar can also be applied to damp walls of buildings and cellars.  By the application of this mortar a wall is stabilised and the humidity present in the structure is separated from the finishing layer to be applied.  The optimum vapour permeability allows humidity present in the wall to be able to rapidly migrate from the structure and will withstand the effects of rising damp / capillary action.

The minimum total layer of UNILIT 30 must be 20 mm thick at least. 

If a finish is applied to the UNILIT 30 after 1 week, a bonding layer of UNILIT 15/P1 or P2 is required.

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