UNILIT 15 (P0 -P1 - P2)



UNILIT 15 is a fine bonding layer based on natural hydraulic lime and appropriate additional aggregates, of a maximum granulation of 1 mm for P1 and 2 mm for P2.

UNILIT 15 functions within the UNILIT system as a bonding bridge between the weak substrate, for example old lime plastering, reinforced concrete, old masonry, etc., and the UNILIT mortars.



UNILIT 15 is applied when the background is unable to guarantee an optimum bonding of the subsequent UNILIT mortars.

UNILIT 15/ P0 is used as a fine legalizing filler when old lime renders are removed. The mortar guarantees a perfect preparation of the substrate for further treatment.

When used as a lime wash UNILIT 15/ P1 is applied in a slurry layer using a brush. When used as a finishing layer it is applied in a 2 to 4 mm layer by trowel.

UNILIT 15/P2 mortar is used as a keying or priming coat in a maximum layer of 10 to 15 mm.

Substrates of reinforced concrete must be treated with a layer of UNILIT 15 before applying the finishing mortars UNILIT 300-400-500.

UNILIT 15 is also used as a preparatory treatment for completely saturated backgrounds.

The UNILIT 15 mortar will not impair the permeability of the wall.

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