Lime Plaster


The breathability of lime plasters means that they need to be protected with a paint that is also breathable, such as a limewash. It is not advisable that such surface be covered with modern plastic paint, as they can trap moisture in the walls and cause damp and damp related problems.

An excellent alternative to standard lime putty and aggregates, is the Unilit lime plaster range with various pre-blended bags suitable for a range of applications, including a finishing plaster. The nature of the material makes it easy to use when applied, making it a useful material for those rounded corners of window reveals, as well as for plastering onto brick mesh ,reed or lath.

Craft limework have used many types of lime plasters on many historic buildings and like using the Unilit NHL lime plasters and Cori range of fine lime putty and mable plasters both are well suited for working on restoration projects.


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